Pixie Hollow Fly Up Map
Pixie hollow is the secret world where Fairies live and work to create the four seasons to take to the Mainland.

The four areas are called Spring Valley, Summer Glade, Autumn Forest and the Winter Woods.

The AreasModifier

Spring ValleyModifier

Spring Valley is the home of the season of renewal. It's bursting with colour and new life and has Springtime Square at it's centre. It's filled with plants being raised by the watchful eye of garden Fairies like Rosetta.

Summer GladeModifier

Summer Glade is where the sun shines its brightest. It's a hotspot for Fairies who want to relax and play, whether in the golden Sunflower Meadow, where Iridessa lives, or the grassy Needlepoint Meadow.

Autumn ForestModifier

The Autumn Forest shimmers with shades of orange, red and amber and the leaves are always turning but never dying. Fairies work on perfecting the shades of autumn here, for the trip to the Mainland

Winter WoodsModifier

The mysterious Winter Woods is home to the Winter Fairies like Periwinkle. The warm seasons are too warm for a cold Fairy’s wings, so it's forbidden for Winter Fairies to crossover and leave this area. Likewise, Fairies from the other three realms rarely venture into the Winter Woods because of the bitter cold which could damage their wings.